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A Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth Theories always propose a central sun, aliens, and mythical subterranean cities and civilizations that some believe could link .


Jesus Christ was a great Master but his myth ain't too original, is it now, Christians? LOL go read a book other than your Book.

A-Z of Fear. There's a fear of tornadoes: lilapsophobia. My fear is of clowns: coulrophobia. And my favorite, hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: the fear of the number

People And Artist by Glittergirl202 on DeviantArt. O ma gawd!!! It's very true for me!!! Im an artist and I can remember many names from the original colors ^-^

People And Artist by on DeviantArt I do this all the time and it really bugs some of my friends because I don't use "normal colors" when describing things.

Sri Chakra notes / Sacred Geometry <3

Sri Meta Higher Self and Over Soul;Self Calibration Meta (Greek origins) can have several meanings, such as: after;self and if we add another “t” in Metta, it.

The Maharic Seal and Liquid Light Cleanse | The Maharata Love ...

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