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an old book cover with a woman in red and two children dressed as medieval knights
Enchanted Booklet.com: Photo
an image of two children playing in the garden with flowers and plants on either side of them
Hilda Miller Snow White postcard from the book Red Riding Hood's Favorite Fairy Tales by Dawn and Peter Cope
an illustration of two people standing in front of a hut
Rose Briar
Rie Cramer -Snow White
a group of people dressed up as spongebob and other characters sitting in front of a tree
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☽ Glitter Tomb ☾
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some people are hanging upside down with umbrellas
Salisbury International Arts Festival: Telegraph critics’ pick of events
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an image of a woman holding a cat on top of a tree stump in the woods
Illustration: Gustaf Tenggren's Grimm's Fairy Tales - AnimationResources.org - Serving the Online Animation Community
extremely rare 1923 edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren.
a bird perched on the side of a brick wall
Illustration: Arthur Rackham's Grimm's Fairy Tales - AnimationResources.org - Serving the Online Animation Community
Wicked, Lucian Freud, Pin Up, Tales
The Most Messed Up Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales - Grunge
an illustration of a castle surrounded by trees and bushes, with two people in the foreground
Close-Up with Kay Nielsen - Illustrations for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales