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the text reads if you take a social media sabatical, don't annnce it just make your last post something fun like wonder if there's a bear in this cave?
a man standing in the rain next to parked cars with an ad on it that reads waiting for some random guy to arrive because my wife decided to
Programming Meme
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a tweet with the caption that reads,'math prof @thematicsprof quote by a forest ranger at yosemite national park on why it is hard to design the perfect garbage
Ranger Smith knows what he is talking about!
Ranger Smith knows what he is talking about!: WhitePeopleTwitter
a tweet with the caption garlic is to cooking as vanilla extract is to baking in that amount add to my food is guided by reckless
two pictures of a cat laying in bed with the caption saying i'm staying home today have mood poisoning
Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (March 29, 2023)
there is a painting with birds on it and the words if i was a bird, i know who'd siton
a woman laying on top of a bed covered in plants
two lions running across a dry grass field with the caption trying to make it through life like
An Adequate Offering Of Random Memes
a cat is looking at the camera with an awkward look on it's face
50 Best Cat Memes Of 2022: Recapping The Year With The Funniest, Most Purrfect Memes
two cartoon animals sitting next to each other with the caption, it's important to an advantage and celebrate your feelings