Gifts for a Libra

The term “Judge for yourself”, would probably be a solid piece of advice in a case over which a Libra was presiding. Prone to weighing up all the sides of an argument and never specifically choosing one, Librans maintain balance and impartiality in every choice they make. Keeping everyone happy is often a difficult job; help maintain order in your Libran’s life by getting them a gift that’s balanced just right.
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Flying Fox Tablet Cover | R325 |

This kickass iPad cover will not only protect any tablet but also give it the coolest casing around.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit | R550 |

Create your own delicacies with this Molecular Gastronomy starter kit, which includes a recipe book featuring over 20 hand-picked guides.

Message Mug | R165 |

This message mug comes with a pen and the ink rubs off in warm water so you can leave a different message err'day.

Leather iPhone Cover | R225 |

Leather iPhone Cover | R225 |

Peacock Socks | R95 |

Peacock Socks | R95 |

Triangle Tote Bag | R425 |

This hand printed cotton tote bag is made in Cape Town with nothing but love and genuine leather handles. Totes bag it.

Champagne Glasses | R325 |

Be sure to gift these champagne glasses with your favourite bottle of bubbly!

Ed Suter Protea Coasters | R160 |

Ed Suter Protea Coasters - Tidy & Co