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Steampunk Tri-Fold Room Divider

DIY Steampunk Room Divider // I would paint this in brighter colors for the boys room! Perfect in a Robot theme bedroom or Tools or something: how to make a trifold room divider

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The restaurant on the road with the family segment. Villa De Bear offers a uniquely prominent than a typical restaurant with the creation story of the teddy bear factory to merge with a European architecture.Teddy Bear Factory is divided into three.

Steampunk coffee table. I'm going to make one of these

This table would be used to hold the food, such as cupcakes, cookies, candies, and more! we could have multiple tables and it would still look great!

Adopt The Unconventional Steampunk Decor In Your Home

Conjuring up images of a back alley in Chinatown, Donny’s Bar is an unexpected and refreshing change to the coastal suburb of Manly and the bar scene there. The design resolution captures a careful balancing of the rustic versus the.

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Make a stacked-book table lamp using hardcover books, a lamp kit, lamp shade, drill, and screwdriver. (The post links to a how-to/tutorial.