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That is a good enough reason to wake someone up at 4 AM to me! Friends, that doesn't mean attempt this with me. I'm just talking about how awesome it is when that someone else isn't me :P


19 Embarrassing Moments Anyone Who Sucks At Grammar Understands. Lol it's so fun to piss her off :) you're a joke and you know it :) Enjoy my random pins. I was going to correct the lovely typing on on my cell but I left it just for you :)

I need to tell you something. only repost if you played along and went through it all.

It was confusing for me. Just look at number one and then look at the number it tells u. And keep going to the number each one tells u

Scented Stress-Relieving Dough

Scented Stress-Relieving Dough - 1 cup corn starch and cup hair conditioner