Zuma vs. Zapiro

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Zapiro's take on the Brett Murray's 'The Spear' - the painting of Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed which greatly upset the ANC and divided public opinion. | www.zapiro.com

Zapiro depicts Jacob Zuma in the shadow of his corruption charges. | www.zapiro.com

President Zuma has dropped the lawsuit against cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro and the Sunday Times, for a cartoon published in the newspaper in 2008 which showed Zuma loosening his trousers, while other key ANC members held Lady Justice down. | www.mg.co.za

Zapiro cartoon: Zuma surrenders, drops lawsuit

President Zuma has withdrawn his claim for damages against a Zapiro cartoon published in the Sunday Times and agreed to pay half of its legal costs.

Jacob Zuma declares his HIV negative status at the launch of Natalspruit Hospital, and Zapiro wonders about the message he is trying to convey. | www.zapiro.com

Zuma's 2010 State of the Nation address is given under the cloud of another sex scandal. The shower head is bigger than ever. | www.mg.co.za

Take the shower back? No, Zapiro will not yield

Zapiro is unfazed by criticism from the culture commission, which has called on the cartoonist to stop drawing a shower head above President Zuma.

Zapiro's infamous shower head first appeared in 2006 after Zuma said during his rape trial that he had sought to prevent himself from contracting HIV by showering after having sex with his accuser. | www.politicsweb.co.za

Black Tuesday | bookslive.co.za

Black Tuesday: Zapiro's Cartoon Says it All

Today is Black Tuesday - the day that South Africa's parliament may pass passed the by-now notorious Protection of State Information Bill, also known as the Secrecy Bill. (For a glimpse into the Bill's tortured history, click here.) Cartoonist Zapiro sums up the mood of those who treasure free speech in his cartoon for The Times, shown above. The words of The Times' editorial are also apt: ...

The buck stops with Verwoed. Zapiro depicts the tendency by Zuma to blame non-service delivery on the apartheid government.

The Cagle Post


In case you missed it (and you certainly would have heard about it), here is the Zapiro cartoon from the Mail&Guardian. 20 babies in a mass Zuma Baby Shower. It looks like the shower head has been reinstated, after Zapiro decided to give Zuma a break in May last year and detached it from his...

Zuma promises more jobs in his 2010 State of the Nation address. | www.zapiro.com

Zuma calls for CEOs to freeze their salaries. This appeal follows his own recent pay hike, and rising costs of maintaining his Nkandla home. | www.zanews.co.za

The Emperor's New Salary Freeze Appeal

Zuma has called for CEOs to freeze their salaries while he continues to increase his own and reap multiple presidential benefits. To purchase a copy, license or order a limited edition print of this cartoon CLICK HERE © 2012 Zapiro / www.zapiro.com (All rights reserved)