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Lineart 063 (Coloreado) - Vegetto 002 (Super Saiyan 2) Lineart by ~VICDBZ , colored by ~VICDBZ El lineart y color están basados en esta imagen -->… Pulsa en...

Here's the Super Saiyan Blue Version! Credits: Gogeta Fukatsu No F (Super Saiyan Blue)

Cool design for the Arkham Knight

Is this supposed to be the Anti-Batman "wrath"? because I love it ------- << Original Comment >> ------- Batman Arkham Knight Armor


I love how well done this is. Girls that look like what they are supposed to is a beautiful thing. -awesome - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Dragon Ball GT - Super Saiyajin Vegeta Lineart & Colour By ~maffo1989 Background By *DBCProject Card Design By ~Tekilazo300 ~Raykugen,~maffo1989,~orco05 & ~dbkaifan2009

Dragon Ball © of Akira toriyama character info: [link] Image restoration of Baby from Dragon Ball GT series. Lineart and color by A work for the. The end of Baby - Dragon Ball GT

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In his continuity, yes, but not among American, British and even Japanese superheroes.