Boho Bedroom

Modern bohemian bedroom home decor inspiration. Ideas for boho chic bedrooms and interior design. Includes lots of indoor plants, rattan, wicker, blankets, wall decor, bed frames, and neutral tones. Create a cozy boho bedroom using these trending home decor tips.
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a woman in black shirt and white pants standing over a bed
White Neutral Bedroom Decor Inspiration
Check out this beautiful neutral bedroom decor from @thishouse5000. This calming white bedroom uses boho decor elements with a cane headboard and hanging plants.
Ultimate Bed Styling Transformation
Transforming by bedroom with a little bed styling. I love how bed styling and throw pillows can elevate a room and give your interiors a more put together look. This is how I style our boho bedroom!
Beautiful Bed Styling in 4 Easy Steps
This is how I take my bed from a plain, boring look to something more styled and sophisticated. The secret to bed styling is using plenty of decorative throw pillows and a mixture of textured blankets!
a bedroom with a large bed and wooden flooring next to a wall mounted plant
Boho Bedding and Styling Inspiration from This House 5000
This simple, neutral bedding is one of our favourite ways to add a boho feel to the bedroom space. We love using lots of cushions to create perfect bed styling, as well as some chunky blankets and a cane headboard. For more boho bed styling inspiration, check out @thishouse5000.
a bedroom with a large bed in the corner and lots of pillows on top of it
Boho Neutral Bedroom Decor Inspiration
Neutral and earthy toned bedroom taking decor inspiration from bohemian and Scandinavian aesthetics. Hanging plants and neutral bed cushions add texture to this minimal bedroom. Check out @thishouse5000 for more minimal boho decor inspiration!
a bed with pillows and blankets on top of it in an attic bedroom, with the words how to style your bed in 4 easy steps
Ultimate Bed Styling Video Tutorial
The ultimate bed styling video tutorial: how to make your bed look cozy and beautiful in just 4 easy steps. This video tutorial shows you how to make the bed like a pro with the perfect pillow styling tips to create a cozy, fluffy bed. Thishouse5000 boho bedroom inspiration.
a bedroom with a bed, plant and other decorations on the wall next to it
Japandi Bedroom Interior Design Inspiration
This minimal bedroom has a Japandi style that's functional and beautiful with neutral tones, a rattan headboard, hanging plants, white walls, and a fan decor above the bed. Thishouse5000
a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring has a plant in the corner next to the bed
Cane Headboard Boho Bedroom Inspiration
Ultimate boho bedroom inspiration with neutral tones and a scandinavian interior aesthetic. This minimal bohemdian bedroom uses natural textures, such as this diy cane headboard and hanging plants, to create the ultimate modern boho vibe. Thishouse5000.
a bed with white sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to plants on the wall
Best Tips to Achieve a Boho Style at Home | Milray Park
a bedroom with a bed, plant and shoes on the floor in front of it
Indoor Plants for Boho Bedroom Decor
Add colour to neutral boho chic interior design with indoor plants. They provide the perfect natural home decor solution. Using a mixture of potted indoor plants and hanging plants is a great way to add dimension to a bohemian bedroom. Thishouse5000.
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a brick wall and a fireplace
Exposed Brick Boho Bedroom Design
The exposed brick and beautiful old mantel styling creates a rustic, bohemian vibe in this bedroom space. The wooden floors and cozy blankets add texture to the white interiors and pulls on scandinavian home decor elements. Thishouse5000.