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The Workaround Warehouse

Cape Town, South Africa / Dedicated to educating all about special needs and helping families and children learn how to break through the learning barriers they face on a daily basis.
The Workaround Warehouse
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101 school success tools for students with adhd

101 School Success Tools for Students with ADHD provides materials and the guidance necessary to assist teachers and parents as they empower students with ADHD to become successful learners.

School counselor ideas that can be used for Special Ed teacher. (Where am I? board, bucket for notes, door is closed sign, quiet area)

Hanselor the Counselor: My office comfy seating and less harsh lighting will help students feel more relaxed and safe

Over 20 Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Moms Have Questions Too

If you are looking for some wonderful gross motor activities for toddlers, then you have come to the right place! (Many of these ideas are great for preschoolers too.

balancing/gross motor

18 get-off-the-couch games. I really like pretty much all of these ideas! Active kids equal happy recipe of cooking cooking

Five Activities for Crossing the Midline (and Why It’s Important)

Motor Development: Preschoolers - "plan daily physical activities that are vigorous as well as developmentally and individually appropriate.

Moving Smart: "M" IS FOR MONKEYBARS: Getting Ready for Writing

A great reminder that gross motor comes first! Let those toddlers and preschoolers play! Moving Smart: "M" IS FOR MONKEYBARS: Getting Ready for Writing