South African wine packaging   WYNsouth africa

Graphic Design student Brittany Albertson created a fictional South African wine packaging label called Wyn, meaning wine in Afrikaans.

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Shwe Shwe

Shwe Shwe- an African name for a South African product. Fabulous packaging design and interesting flavored

Khulu Soap is an original and authentic manufacturer of soaps infused with traditional African herbs and was the first to launch this type of product in South Africa after two years of experimentation with different combinations of herbs. Hand made soap, infused with traditional wild herbs from the heart of Africa. There are 5 different soaps, each packaged and designed with a specific African theme.

Khulu Soap

Colorful Packaging Design: Khulu Soap by Fanakalo

Cover design for a magazine called "Design Indaba" by Marian Bantjes

Design Indaba magazine cover by Marian Bantjes

African Teas | White Green Black teas & South African Bush Tea; Malawi Antlers | Rare Tea Company

Shop our permanent collection of rare tea sourced from independent farmers with great skill, long tradition and fierce pride in their tea.

South African Bhuti Beer packaging designArt and design ...

South African Bhuti Beer packaging design

South African student Judy Kriel created these South African inspired beer packaging designs called Bhuti beer.