Steak & Mushroom Pot Pies

Rich and meaty steak & mushroom pot pie. A delicious way to celebrate the last of Winter (or the almost arrival of Autumn if your in the North).

Grilled Blooming Onion

Grilled Blooming Onion: this was really yummy! The flavor was kind of like a blooming onion and it's a good side dish for summer dinners!

Oxtail potjie

Namibian Potjiekos Recipe: A potjie is fantastic for any safari you go on, it is a very social occasion with everyone helping out with the preparation of the meat and vegetables and then sitting around the fire as it bubbles away. This is a great recipe f

Ouma Estelle se Hotelpoeding | Traditional pudding

Hotel Poeding Die poeding het nie ’n naamgehad nie, maar volgens die berig is dit gereeld vir gaste in ’n hotel op Queenstown

Die wen-melktert - hier's die resep! | SARIE

Traditional Milk Tart from Deona Tait of Pretoria, South Africa. This recipe won SARIE’s nationwide milk tart competition. She inherited it from her aunt, Helie Williams

Cape Malay Sosaties

Scrumptious Soccer Snacks: Cape-Malay-Style Curried Lamb Kebabs with Apricots