Sewer Repair

What's that terrible smell? You might have a sewer break! Whether it's tree roots invading your pipes, or old cast iron pipe you need to replace, we've got your…
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a pipe that is laying in the ground next to some grass and dirt on the ground
We care about Texas trees!
We care about #texastrees! We hand dug under those tree roots in the pic and carefully laid the new sewer line. #arborists love us!
two men are digging in the ground with shovels and trees behind them on a sunny day
Master Plumber in the trenches
How often do you see a #masterplumber digging in the trenches with the guys? He's making sure it gets done correctly for your family. That's the #smallbusiness difference.
the diagram shows how different layers of soil are formed
Are your sewer pipes backing up? We can help.
Wondering why your sewer pipes are backing up? We have special cameras to thread through and tell you exactly why and what to do next. Call 512-786-1771.
a man digging in the ground with a shovel
Digging in the yard in 100° heat
Ian is working hard to get this customer’s sewer pipes back in working order!
a man standing in a bathroom holding up a large snake with lights on it's head
Giant root in the line!
Wow! This giant root in the line started by a tiny tendril working its way into the pipe through the toilet flange. It turned into a big problem, but Steve solved it :)
a blue background with the words try to remember, the greener grass across the fence may be due to a specific tank issue
Do you have a sewer pipe leak?
Are you seeing patches of really green grass in your yard? You might have a sewer leak! Luckily, we are experts. Call 512-786-1771.
When tree roots invade
Tree root tendrils can find their way into tiny cracks in sewer pipes and create big problems. Then we have to dig carefully around the roots to fix the pipes.
three men are working in the yard with shovels and mulch on the ground
Sewer line repair
Noticing a bad smell in your yard or unusually green patches of grass? You might have a sewage leak! Steve, Cesar and Ian will fix it right up for you.
a man is bending over to look at a fire hydrant in the ground next to him
Cutting pipe for a sewer repair.
Smelling sewage in your yard? Seeing extra green patches of grass? You may have a sewage leak! Steve-O dug this sewer leak out and is cutting pipe to repair.
two men are digging in the dirt with shovels
Digging sewer pipe trenches by hand
Sometimes a backhoe just won’t cut it and we have to get in there and get our hands dirty. Great job Victor and Michael!
a man is shoveling dirt from the ground in front of a brick wall and trees
Marking off the tunnel entrance
The master #plumber marks where the hole will go so we can replace the #sewerpipes under the house.
two men are working in the yard with an air conditioner and a small fan
Sewer line work
Good job digging that sewer line, Cesar and Steve! Hope that fan is keeping you cool today.
two people laying on the ground working with dirt
Plumbers are essential workers
We spend most of our time face down in the dirt fixing your water and sewer pipes! #plumbing #plumber #atx
a person laying on the ground in a cave with light coming from it's window
The light at the end of the plumbing tunnel.
We do under-house plumbing repairs! Water and sewer.
a man is fixing a toilet in the bathroom
When tree roots invade
We pulled this toilet to find out what was clogging it and a tree had worked its tendrils into tiny cracks in the #sewer line and grown into this! #plumbing