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Bear cubs at the Oregon Zoo
Cubs Timber and Thorn are now out and about at the Oregon Zoo’s Black Bear Ridge habitat. Read more at the link.
The Oregon Zoo's baby rhinoceros
The newest eastern black rhinoceros at the Oregon Zoo is 2 months old, and the calf is more than 200 pounds! Read more about him at the link.
The Oregon Zoo welcomes 2 black bear cubs
The bears were orphaned in Alaska before joining the slueth at the Oregon Zoo's Black Bear Ridge. Read more about them at the link.
Two cubs join the sleuth at the Oregon Zoo
The black bears, named Timber and Thorn after Portland’s soccer teams, were found separately alone in Alaska. Since they were too young to survive by themselves, they were rescued and taken to the Alaska Zoo before moving Portland.
Squishing of the Squash
Elephants at the Oregon Zoo smashed giant pumpkins at the 25th annual Squishing of the Squash. “First they destroy them, then they enjoy them,” said Steve Lefave, who oversees the zoo’s Asian elephant area.
Don't touch the seal pups!
Don't touch the seal pups!
Don't touch the seal pups!
Don't touch the seal pups!
Spring is pupping season on the Pacific coast, which means you might spot a baby harbor seal pup on the sand, in the water or tucked into a rocky alcove. Mother seals often deposit the pups onshore while they go hunting. Wildlife experts say people should observe from a distance and refrain from touching the animals, as the mother seals may not return to collect their young if they think a human is too close by.
Happy first birthday, Jolene
The Oregon zoo's youngest orangutan turned one year old on April 13, 2001.
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20 of the best Portland cats on Instagram Cat Day, International Cat Day, Aww, Best
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Polar bear mom and her babies