More ideas from Jan

Espalier If the Creeper is gone, put this one the side of the house. Very pretty and visually interesting.

Old Boxwood in the King's Palace in Bangkok , Thailand

King's Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Until Rama VI decided one wife was enough for any man, even a king, Thai kings housed their huge harems in the inner palace area (not open to the public), which was guarded by combat-trained female sentries.

Japanese Garden

Kyoto - Zen garden has 3 features, the sky, the land and the water. The water is represented by raked pebbles in ripples. Stones are the islands (land) and trees represent the sky or heaven. The gardens are quiet for contemplation

Modern Landscaping

Stylish garden created by Ludo Dierckx, Belgian landscape for a Rotterdam client in the Netherlands. The use of white flowers, along with lavender and buxinhos convey elegance to the design

Euphorbia and Tulips

Euphorbia and Tulips. - if you have not tried Euphorbia before - please do - it is a must have. So well mannered and long blooming. ~ So pretty! I haven't been able to find this Euphorbia. I wonder if it's patented or if it will h]grow in zone