Kindergarten Teaching Ideas

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the printable puzzles for kids to play with
Hands-on Kindergarten Math Puzzles - HoJo's Teaching Adventures, LLC
These hands-on Kindergarten math puzzles are a great way to practice necessary skills in an engaging way. Work on place value, addition, subtraction, basic math facts, missing addends, adding within 100, time, shapes, & more. Great for centers, stations, rotations, test prep, review, +++. Perfect for classroom OR homeschool use. Grab these today for critical thinking and perseverance skills with Kinders. #Kindergarten #KindergartenMath #HoJoTeaches
a wall mounted clock with different types of light bulbs hanging from it's sides
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Colorful Light Bulb Creative Wall Sticker Motivational Slogan Decals For Classroom Library Meeting Room Background Wall Mural - Wall Stickers - AliExpress
Calm classroom decor inspiration!
Our Cozy Collection is a gorgeous classroom decor theme with a neutral base. You can add an accent color to this collection to add a twist! Coral, Mint green, pastel blue or a soft pink would look amazing! Boho classroom decor idea Neutral classroom decorations
Classroom Makeover - Farmhouse Flair Magnolia
My newest Farmhouse Flair Magnolia decor is rich with charm! It is full of galvanized metal, shiplap, wood grains, chalkboards, lanterns, string lights, and magnolia wreaths. It is sure to give you the PERFECT “home away from home." #HollieGriffithTeaching
sight word building with play dough is an easy way to practice sight words in the classroom
8 Engaging Word Building Activities for Students to Practice Sight Words
Practicing sight words can be really fun when you give your students these fun, hands on activities. Preschool, Kindergarten, first graders and 2nd graders love these engaging, free activities using magnets, beads, legos, stamps, play dough and more. Get free flashcards and you're ready to play!
children are sitting at a table playing with toy animals and writing on the paper that says pattern activities for kindergarten
Exploring Pattern Activities in Kindergarten: Engaging Young Minds with Fun and Learning
Pattern Activities in Kindergarten
two children working with beads in a plastic container on the table and text overlay that reads pattern activities for kindergarten
Exploring Pattern Activities in Kindergarten: Engaging Young Minds with Fun and Learning
Pattern Activities in Kindergarten
the text reads 12 amazing videos to teach diggraphs
12 Videos to Teach Digraphs
Teaching digraphs can be tricky and learning them can be even harder for our students. I use many resources and fun activities in my classroom to teach my students about these new sounds. Preschool, kindergarten, first grade and 2nd grade students love these videos to teach phonics digraphs.
an image of a poster with words and pictures on it that say, alphabet try something new
Alphabet Visual Groupings - Positively Learning
Alphabet letter groupings by attribute - a new view on the alphabet! Visuals and support materials for alphabet intervention for ALL learners. #alphabet #visuallearners #intervention
the words and numbers are displayed in this interactive word wall for kids to practice their spelling skills
Effective Word Wall Strategies
Do your students use your word wall effectively? When kids write, they often misspell sight words that have already been taught and are posted in your room, completely ignoring your word wall. This blog post shares ideas for creating a word wall your stud