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vegan birria tacos | vegan recipes
A VEGETARIAN SANDWICH won’t miss the meat.
Loaded Veggie Sandwich | Vegan Lunches and Snacks
Green goddess panini 🌱🥑 | vegan based recipe
Roasted Oyster Mushroom And Miso Cashew Cream Sandwich
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These take me back to childhood
Crispy Rice Sandwich
When a recipe calls for sticky rice, chances are that I will purposefully cook a little extra to have some leftover the next day. A bowl of rice sitting on the counter or the back of the fridge is just the excuse I need to turn it into these golden, crispy rice sandwiches that are a blank canvas for your favourite sarnie toppings. If you choose to marinate the tofu, don’t waste the actual marinade, but reduce it in the same pan and serve it as a dipping sauce alongside it. A fun mini food!
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Air Fryer Grilled Cheese {So Easy!} - Simply Quinoa
vegan grilled cheese with a cheese pull
🔥 303 Cal Turkey, Avocado & Cheese Hot Pockets #weightloss #fatloss #lowcalorie