Grootbos Private Nature Reserve - 5* Eco-paradise offering views of the flora & marine life from the Southern Tip of Africa

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve - Eco-paradise offering views of the flora & marine life from the Southern Tip of Africa

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve™ - an award winning 5 star luxury lodge close to Hermanus. Grootbos offers luxury accommodation with an authentic African experience.

There is singing of birds in the deep wet woods, In the heart of the listening solitudes,  Pewees, and  thrushes, and sparrows, not few, And all the notes of their throats are true. Lipman.

A notable thing is taking place around the globe: Communities and conservation entrepreneurs are creating private nature reserves, from coral lagoons in Asia to sanctuaries in the Americas.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is an award winning 5 star luxury honeymoon and family lodge in Hermanus.

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We use only the very freshest ingredients, sourced as close to Grootbos as possible

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Call it autumn or fall, the wet season or even, in the southern hemisphere, spring: nature puts on quite a show during the last few months of the year. We promise our lodges are witness to the spectacle all over the globe.

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The breathtaking Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, which nestles in indigenous fynbos near Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa, features two beautiful luxury lodges. The exclusive Forest Lodge, as well as the Garden Lodge.

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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve - South Africa Enviably located on South Africa’s Western Cape, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve offers unparalleled opportunities for nature exploration along with.

The 2500 hectare Grootbos Private Nature Reserve™ is a jewel in the crown of the Cape Floral Kingdom offering guests a complete immersion into the wondrous and magnificent world of fynbos.

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