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Starlings Market |

Starlings Market

Starlings’ Wednesday afternoon food market is a happy place – there’s no better way to describe it. It’s all dappled sunlight, bustling colours and chattering people – happy people. Tra…

Angus McIntosh |

Angus McIntosh

When farmer Angus McIntosh invited me to visit his biodynamic farm at Spier on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, I was chuffed. I’d heard about this barefoot agri-warrior and was eager to meet him. Co…

The Foodbarn |

The Foodbarn

I’d grown tired of hearing about The Foodbarn without having experienced it myself. My friend Julie Carter once invited me to join her there for lunch – then took her husband instead. A…

A fat lot of good |

A fat lot of good

These days it’s safer to venture an opinion on the Israel-Palestine conflict than it is to support Banting. I don’t know who’s annoying me more at the moment: the fence sitting foodies, the ill inf…

The Creamery |

The Creamery

For the past few Sundays I’ve found myself at The Creamery soaking up the clean, crisp interior, the salted caramel sauce and the overwhelmingly cheerful sense of community. I’v…

South China Dim Sum Bar |

South China Dim Sum Bar

The décor is stark but not cold; furniture is basic but adequate. Faded Bruce Lee posters adorn the naturally distressed walls and your meal is served in biodegradable containers. You place your or…

Jorgensen’s Distillery |

Jorgensen’s Distillery

It felt like coming home. The farmstead was typically Cape Dutch as opposed to my bushveld-bourgeoisie roots, but the elements were all there: the large, gravel parking lot strewn with bakkies and …

Tulbagh Arts Festival | #blogpost

Tulbagh Arts Festival

Tulbagh, famous for the ‘wtf?’ earthquake of 1969, was the natural choice for yet another earth shattering event in the form of my ‘wtf-th?’ birthday. It was also the weeken…

Cook uncovered: Suzi Holtzhausen | #blogpost

Cook uncovered: Suzi Holtzhausen

It’s not every day you get to cook a meal on the beach with one of your favourite chefs, but I was lucky enough to experience exactly that after a recent art holiday in Paternoster. The chef du jou…

Open streets Cape Town | #blogpost

Paintings by Gillian Leschinsky

Whatnot & China Town | #blogpost

Whatnot & China Town

I’m no wheeler dealer. I don’t strike deals, push for discount or seek out bargains. I pay the advertised price and celebrate demurely (with my inside voice) if I feel I’ve received value for… | Reverie Social Table #blogpost

Paintings by Gillian Leschinsky | The Art of Hibernation #Blogpost #JamieOliver #mushroomsoup

Paintings by Gillian Leschinsky

Meat-A-Palooza |


…and it was! Even the weather obliged – hot, sunny skies with nary a breath of wind. The Tjjing Tjing rooftop bar was buzzing when we arrived; a vibey, mixed crowd kept the noise levels…

City Bowl Market on Hope |

City Bowl Market on Hope

I love City Bowl Market. Biased? You bet. From the day they opened their doors they also opened their hearts and I was there. Right time, right place. I was new in Cape Town and the people of City …