The wild flowers of Namaqualand by Martin_Heigan, via Flickr

The wild flowers of Namaqualand. Orange flowers: Dimorphotheca sinuata (Local Name: Namaqua Daisies) Light Yellow flowers: Grielum humifusum (Local Name: Pietsnotjie) Purple flowers: Drosanthemum flo

Namaqualand, South Africa (flower season). Half of the floral species found in Namaqualand, part of the Succulent Karoo along the west coast of South Africa, are found nowhere else. Image: Martin Heigan

The wildflowers of Namaqualand at Namaqua National Park (Skilpad), Kamieskroon, Northern Cape, South Africa; by Martin Heigan.

Namaqualand Flowers

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The Namaqualand daisies.

The Namakwaland flowers - one of the biggest annual natural flower shows in the…

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