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an advertisement for mcdonald's hamburgers from the 1950's
Come and Get'em, McDonald's, 1961
Come and Get'em McDonald's 1961 #vintageads #Ads #vintage #PrintAd #tvads #advertising #BrandScience #influence #online #Facebook #submissions #marketing #advertising
the front end of a green car with chrome trim and emblem on it's headlight
1957 Oldsmobile, Jill Reger FAA
an image of pope with his thumbs up and the word pope on it's chest
Poster Popeye
an old comic book with some cartoon characters
Archie Comics Gets Horrible New Look
an old comic book cover with two people
an old comic book cover with cartoon characters on the front and back covers in red
the cover to casper ghost comics, with an image of a dog holding a bottle
Casper 130
Casper 130 | by senses working overtime
an old comic book cover with a cartoon character on a raft in the water next to a ship
Richie Rich (character) - Wikipedia
Richie Rich (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the cover to little dop, an old comic book
Comic Book - Little Dot in Space # 129 1997
Little Dot...loved, loved, loved this comic book girl!
an old children's book cover with a baby in the bathtub watching tv
Richie Rich Covers #100-149