sugar cookies

48 Oh-So-Easy Desserts Every Christmas Party Needs

Simple sugar cookies go glamorous, thanks to ornament-shaped cutters and colorful icing. I'm am definitely going to try that this season.

Marshmallow ballerinas- to simple and adorable not to save for potential future reference.

So cute for a little girl birthday party or baby shower! * Make These Adorable Marshmallow Tutu Pops Using Cupcake Liners *

Beregoed, deze lekkere traktatie met pandabeertjes! >

Panda marshmallows - and some sort of jelly or licorice candy for the ears?

cereal marshmallow bars

Cereal Marshmallow Bars

Im all about bright hits of color lately. The latest dessert to get shot up with my current color obsession are these cereal marshmallow bars. Its a simple riff on the classic rice krispie treat, [.