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Love with a Pure Heart

Peter explained how the Christians of Asia Minor could be certain of their salvation, and what this required of them as followers of Jesus. Where are you in this understanding of pure love?

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Love and Protection

Is wearing the armor of God like having a lucky charm with you throughout the day? That was not God's intention. Read this new devotional for more.

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We marvel at a child’s trust and simplicity in accepting life. Often, we might wonder how they do that and could we do it. Jesus taught the disciples

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Love Abounding

Have you allowed something or someone to be the excuse for not growing close to God? God wants you to have love abounding. Read this article to learn.

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Oddity or treasured? God offers a different purpose and meaning for your life.

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Small Gift, Big Effect

We each receive small gifts. How often do we offer those gifts back to God instead of keeping them for ourselves?

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The Advent of Salvation

Do you keep trying to do good things to prove yourself and enter heaven? Hebrews talks about the insufficiency of this and how Jesus makes us pure.

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A Christian is a person who lives in the world, but has the complete peace of God available to Him through the Spirit. Do you let your circumstances l

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Pledge of Hope

Since you have become a believer in Jesus Christ, have you stopped letting His Spirit change you from your old nature into His image?

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Do you try to do things and find you fail because of your physical, mental, or spiritual weakness? God can and will make us strong to be victorious.

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Times of Our Lives

Ever wonder why different people in the Bible went alone for 40 days or 40 years? God has similar ideas for us today.

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Desire of My Heart

How much do you want to be in a closer relationship with God? Jesus teaches how to have that relationship and what He identified as a stumbling block

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The Purpose and Journey

Jesus told His disciples what the prophets foretold about the Messiah before He entered Jerusalem for the last time. Why? What did that mean for the d

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It's not too Small a Thing

Only through Jesus can we do the menial, mundane, and magnificent with righteousness. All other attempts are futile for God’s purposes.

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Feet of Faith

Do people wonder how much you must hate people not to tell them the Gospel? Consider what Paul taught in 2 Corinthians 10.