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great way to cover the in kitchen washer/dryer. so stinking clever!

A functional laundry area concealed by neutral cabinetry. Covering up the washer and dryer is the best idea I've seen in years! Will help to conceal our washer/dryer in our corner kitchen & provide uniformity with existing kitchen cabinets.

To make the glow that you see in glow sticks you need a 16 oz. bottle of mountain dew, peroxide, and baking soda. First take the mountain dew bottle and pour out 3/4 of the mountain dew. Save it in a container so you can use it to make more glow. So  now that the bottle only has 1/4 of mountain dew put just a little bit of baking soda (amount of the tip of a spoon). Next put 3 cap fulls of peroxide. Close the mountain dew bottle and shake well! Your mountain dew will glow!

For camping or late nights at the beach - Leave of Mountain dew in bottle (just don't drink it all), add a tiny bit of baking soda and 3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake - homemade glow stick (bottle) solution. Now I don't want to drink mt dew