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Hindsight is 2020 - It's Glow Time! - The Deal Is Hindsight, Laughter, Glow, Neon Signs, How To Get, Let It Be, Life, Sparkle

Hindsight is 2020 - It's Glow Time! - The Deal Is

More Life! More Love! More Laughter! He Broke My Heart, My Heart Is Breaking, Deadbeat Dad, Betrayal

#NotAllMenAreTrash - The Deal Is

He broke my heart. #menaretrash. He’s a deadbeat dad #menaretrash. He this. He that. Enough! Not all men are not trash. So you’ve had your heart broken. He’s left you with a bunch of kids. He’s betrayed your trust. Out him…not ALL men. In fact, stop airing your dirty laundry for all [...]Read More

It Takes A Strong Man... #notallmenaretrash - The Deal Is Take That, Inspirational Quotes, Strong, Motivation, Life Coach Quotes, Inspiring Quotes, Quotes Inspirational, Inspirational Quotes About, Encourage Quotes

It Takes A Strong Man... #notallmenaretrash - The Deal Is

Bringing down the hashtag #menaretrash and realising that #notallmenaretrash. Last week was the first installment. Ruth-Mandy Abercrombie and I decided we’d like to expand on this. Consider this…It takes a strong man… You meet this guy. You like him. He seems…nice. But he doesn’t like your kid. Never wants to have family-type dates. Stay [...]Read More

# Playlist - Boy Bands of Pop Music - The Deal Is Young Men, Pop Music, Breakup, Boy Bands, High School, Bright, Memories, Girls, Memoirs

# Playlist - 90's Boy Bands of Pop Music - The Deal Is

So, when I think back to high school and how teenage girls reacted to bands breaking up…specifically bands made up of of four or more persons of the male persuasion I have a good giggle. All the hysteria that accompanied the enjoyment of the music performed by these clean-cut, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young men…Ah…the memories. [...]Read More

- Alternative Rock in Love - The Deal Is Love Rocks, Glam Rock, Rock Music, Lyrics, Alternative, Things To Come, Songs, Group, Board

#Playlist - 90's Alternative Rock in Love - The Deal Is

This might come as a bit of a shock to some…but I absolutely love rock music. Especially 90’s alternative rock and some of that eighties glam rock vibe. When it comes to music it’s a bit of a free-for-all with me. The most important part of a song is the lyric and intention (for me [...]Read More

- About That Falsetto Best Song Ever, Best Songs, Many Men, Things To Come, Group, My Style, Board, Planks

#Playlist - About That Falsetto - The Deal Is

There are many men who have high-pitched voices. In actual fact there are many male vocalists who, really, sound like girls or young boys. But something has to be said about the skill that some out there possess when it comes to using their falsetto voice to make some of the best songs ever. And, [...]Read More