traditional South African Cape Malay curry

Kaap Cape Malay Kerrie - South African Cape Malay Curry

Bo-Kaap Cape Malay Kerrie - South African Cape Malay Curry From Cape Town with love

Koeksisters are a South African syrup-coated twisted doughnut that originally come from the Cape Malay community. The Afrikaners have a slightly different koeksuster recipe that is more crispy and sweeter with more syrup on them.

A koeksister (or koe'sister) is a traditional South African confection. The name derives from the Dutch word koekje, which translates to "cookie". Koeksisters are very sticky and sweet and taste like honey.

Cape Malay recipe for breyani

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South African cuisine is just as diverse as the cultures that influenced it over the centuries. You’ll find food influences from the Dutch, British, Indian,

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