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South African Artist. Lionel Smit.

Art-Portrait-Lionel Smit-In this piece of painting, Lionel Smit sketches portraits of a person with simplicity using black and white as a base but creates an interesting piece of art by using strokes of a vibrant blue paint over.

Panagia Mesopanditissa, (Mediatrice di pace) Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute (La Salute), Venezia | Peacemaker icon said moved during Iconoclasm from Constantinople to Candia (Heraklion), Crete, where it resided in St. Titus Cathedral, revered and processed by both Catholics and Orthodox. Venice ruled Crete from 1204-1669, when Turks vanquished defenders under Francesco Morosini, who carried the icon to Venice in 1670, where it was installed in Santa Maria della Salute. Dated to 1000s.

Retroactive Erasure: The Black Madonnas of Europe One of the most baffling failures of logic in all of academia is the flagrant attachment to the unsupported claim that the Black Virgins of Europe, of.

Stephen Bennett will show 12 images of his "Faces of the World" series.

Mile Smile" - Stephen Bennett, Tanzania, acrylic on canvas, 2001 {contemporary art female head happiness colorful african black woman face portrait painting} Joyful !


By Danny O' Connor. I love the confidence, she looks like she's ready to take on. whatever task she needs to take on! I also really like the bold lines used above her head, and with different colors too! Very street-art.