Thando Phehlukwayo

Thando Phehlukwayo

Thando Phehlukwayo
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People in the townships love to dance it shows happiness.

Dancing in Diepsloot, South Africa :)

Children have creative minds and learn to make things at young age eg.use rubbish to make toys mostly cars to race with other children.

Boys in Diepsloot Township, Johannesburg, South Africa play with handmade draadkars, toys made of recycled parts and disused items, Photograph by Candy Chang.

This would be our bunny hop. It would a a fun activity jumping from tyre to tyre. But we would do this on a small scale.

For the boys: Large tractor tires (worn smooth and obviously recycled) half-buried in the ground (which in turn is covered with sand or wood chips) form a climbing structure.

Same concept to the others.

wind chime--kid craft - A girl and a glue gun! Great activity to have each child decorate a can and make a Class wind chime to put on the playground (add old keys inside the tin cans for extra noise)