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Yup ... don't know how many times I was asked all of these questions when overseas.
South African Ginger Cookies.
Hertzoggies (tartlets) | Rainbow Cooking
Bunny Chow
When I was still at school, my Mother baked for the local "tuisnywerheid" (home industry bakery) for many years. She supplied them with a range of buttermilk rusks, but her absolute hero product was magnificent "mosbolletjies". The best way to describe mosbolletjies is that it's a sweet brioche, traditionally made with fermented grape juice.
Ingredients: 1 kg cake flour 20 g instant dry yeast (2 sachets) 120 g (150 ml) Huletts White Sugar 10 ml salt 12,5 ml aniseed 100 g (110 ml) butter 200 ml white grape juice 200 ml lukewarm milk 200…
Smoky cheese and olive scones

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Easy No Bake Milk Tart - not sure if it was this recipe, but we had this at a South African friend's home on Sunday. It is divine!!!