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When was the last time you had avocado & biltong soup? Come to Mr. Mozzie's to stock up with biltong.

Warm avocado and biltong soup

South African warm avocado & biltong soup (photo by J Horak-Druiff) Two of the trendiest ingredients in one dish.

Homemade Biltong-Feta Bread recipe | Meat recipes | Whats For Dinner

Nothing smells better in the kitchen than the wafting aroma of homemade bread! Try this recipe as a delicious compliment to your weekend braai!

Biltong and asparagus breakfast tart!!

Spring Breakfast Tart topped with bacon, eggs, asparagus, and arugula flowers um yum. Swap out bacon

Reader recipe: Biltong soup

The Biltong Man is one of the leading Biltong makers in the world. This delicious South African snack food is made in the UK using pure British beef

SPAR - Peppadew Biltong Muffins Recipe

Preheat oven to 190 º C with oven shelf on centre position. Measure ingredients into the two bowls as listed above