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Wish I knew this a few days ago

Alright I get that but the whole punching thing if you're kinda wimpy it won't get you guys who are just friends they want a girl who can play video games and sports without complaining.and half of these sound like girls

#BoyfriendswhoactuallytreattheirGirlfriendslikePrincesses. #Awwwwwww

Aww I want this 💕

Hope u think its funny as much as i do

Pretty accurate expect for leave me alone. for me leave me alone means just that!

Girl facts

Girl facts // I'm a girl and I can confirm all of these are true.

The things a person should say begins like this...

pinky promise you won't? i pinky promise no matter how difficult this gets, no matter how frustrated i get, i won't give up on you. or us. i love you with all my heart baby. i'm going to fight for it because you're worth it

cute texts from boyfriend - Google Search

cute texts from boyfriend

i just read this and my eyes are tearing up!!!

Every Girls Boyfriend Should Be Like This, Take Notes Guys!

Is that too much to ask for?

My dream guy! This might be weird to some of u girls, but I want a funny, loud, sweet guy more than a romantic one. Romantic is great but I just like this kind of guy more.

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This Guy Is A True Gentleman

Funny pictures about This Guy Is A True Gentleman. Oh, and cool pics about This Guy Is A True Gentleman. Also, This Guy Is A True Gentleman photos.