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Be careful which babies you befriend you might just end up never seeing anything or anyone ever again!

ISIS Using Jihad Children in their Media Religious War Refugees tell ISIS fighters are beheading children in their bloodthirsty siege; whilst in Kazakhstan, ISIS have released a propaganda video showing children being trained as fighters.

People are really heartless and sick!!! What will happen to our youth?

Syrian Jihadists Post Picture of Them Pointing Guns At Toddler “Hostage” From Christian Village…

Torture and do what you are told or die and pay the price!

Hamas Terrorists in Gaza Hang Children as Human Shields to Protect Their Homes From IDF Strikes - savage,how can an adult human do this to a child?

What if this is all you know?

A guide for raising ‘Jihadi babies’ has surfaced online. The handbook titled ‘Sister’s Role in Jihad,’ teaches Jihadi mothers how to raise terrorist children.

To die for a good cause is an honourable thing? What is a good cause? Do they even know what they are fighting for?

'Victory': A Palestinian girl holds a Kalashinkov as Islamist fighters celebrate what they call a 'victory' over Israel - of their people dead and they did not get one thing more than the same agreement they had in They bomb Israel for nothing.

Will I ever be just a child?

Nations are in uproar Islamic State Using Dolls to Train Children How to Behead Infidels - Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Is it just a game? Is it fun? Children only know what they are taught!

View Iraq War Games, Baghdad, Iraq, July 2 by Hadi Mizban on artnet. Browse more artworks Hadi Mizban from Monroe Gallery of Photography.

What has our world come to???

​Boys of war: ISIS recruit, kidnap children as young as 10 yo. Published time: July 2014 Edited time: July 2014 Get short URL

Sacrifice? Qurbaan???

Jihadi babies are the focus of an ISIS booklet designed to teach mothers how to raise future Islamic State fighters. Fostering future ISIS fighters to keep the caliphate strong appears to be the .