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Ok but legit me and my class did this every last day of school and will do it until we graduate

Boom!!! Drop the mic, Gabster!!!

This is what I want to say when girls try to compete with me for a boy. I just want to say, "What`s the prize? I`m not fighting for him! If he wants me he`ll choose me, not because I played your games"-Abigail

High School Musical 2 One of the saddest moments of all three movies

Just to prove the next line that Gabby says is "I wanna remember this summer, but not like this." - and cue the song Gotta Go My Own Way which is also my fave HSM song ♥ sad moment

Taylor and Chad's reactions are exactly what my friends do when I do something dumb. I feel for Jason.

For all the people who love and miss high school musical because once a wildcat, always a wildcat ❤️🐾 All rights go to Disney Channel