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How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg Every Time From soft and runny to t. - How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg Every Time From soft and runny to totally solid to everything in between, here’s what you need to know. Eat a balanced diet - Boiled Egg Times, Boiled Food, Cooking Tips, Cooking Recipes, Cooking Classes, Cooking Steak, Cooking Videos, Cooking Quotes, Cooking Salmon

Or boil half a dozen eggs (or more).

These guys make great portable snacks (just add salt and pepper), OR you can slice them up and toss them in salads, on sandwiches, and more. Each egg is under 100 calories and has over 7 grams of protein to help you feel more satisfied.Read How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg, Every Time, Every Way, on Greatist, for more info.

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A person only needs about 44 grams of protein per day. Broccoli has 12 grams per 100 calories, steak has 6 grams. No one in the United States has ever been hospitalized for a protein deficiency. Ever.

Heavenly Palate: Delicious Ways to Eat Apples] Wonder Fruit for Brunch, Snack and Dessert Healthy Recipes, Apple Recipes, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Cooking Recipes, Eating Raw, Easy Recipes, Cooking Bacon, Apple Chart

Handy Apple Cooking Guide

The folks at Sage Fruit Company whipped up an infographic that shows which apples are sweet or tart and which are best for eating raw, for baking, or for other sorts of cooking: More

Storing fruit - How To Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep them From Spoiling Printable Fruit Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Water Recipes, Salad Recipes, Cooking Tips, Cooking Recipes, Food Tips, Cooking Pasta, Cooking Classes

How To Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep them From Spoiling - Printable - MyThirtySpot

I have been trying to eat healthier lately, and with that come a lot of veggies and fruits. The problem that I have noticed is that a lot of my produce will get soft, or rot a lot sooner than I anticipated. I can’t get fresh produce every day, so I needed to know how […]

DAILY HEALTH De-Stress Yourself 18 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium December 2014 // Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium Fun fact: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and is found naturally in a wide [. Dana Linn Bailey, Nutrition Tips, Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Nutrition Education, Get Healthy, Healthy Tips, Healthy Choices, Fitness Gym

18 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium

Got milk? There’s no need! With these surprising sources of calcium, anyone can enough calcium without heading to the dairy farm.

100 calorie nuts All calories are for one ounce. Like avocados, nuts contain good fats and that your body needs! Snack smart with these nuts. 100 Calories, Nuts Calories, Clean Eating, Stop Eating, Healthy Life, Healthy Snacks, Vitamins, Recipes, Healthy Dieting

100 calorie nuts All calories are for one ounce, but they also give the quantity: Walnuts: 14 nut halves = 185 calories Sunflower Seeds – 1/4 cup = 165 calories Almonds – 22 nuts = 169 calories Peanuts – 25 nuts = 166 calories Macadamia Nuts – 10 nuts = 204 calories Pecans – 19 nut halves = 196 calories Pistachios – 49 nuts = 161 calories

How to Bring Any Almost-Spoiled Produce Back to Life — Sick of wasting your food and money on produce that spoils too quickly? These tips make it easy to save vegetables and fruits for healthy uses. Gourmet Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Veg Recipes, Healthy Foods, Healthy Life, Food Hacks, Food Tips, Food Ideas

How to Bring Any Almost-Spoiled Produce Back to Life

Don't toss that shriveled zucchini or limp kale yet! Use these tips to turn not-so-fresh produce into a super tasty meal.

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Eat Right: The Ultimate Guide to Nuts [Infographic]

Here's a breakdown of nut nutrition—what good stuff they give you, how to use 'em, and fun alternatives, too!

Low carb flour Flour Comparison Chart In terms of low carb Flax Meal Hazelnut Flour Almond Flour Soy Flour Coconut Flour Fava Bean Flour and Garbanzo Bean (Chickpea) Flour are ranked as excellent. The figures on this chart are based on a serving size Gluten Free Flour, Gluten Free Baking, Paleo Flour, Thm Recipes, Gluten Free Recipes, Recipies, Shake Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Bean Flour

FLOUR CHART: How Gluten Free Flours Compare for Carbs and Protein Content

Are you running out of room for your gluten free flours? Confused about which are healthiest? This is an article that I have been intending to write for quite some time to help gluten free cooks an…

Black chickens (also known as bantam or Silkie/Silky chickens) are considered to be a new superfood trend. Silkie chickens were first documented in century China and used in medicinal remedies, namely a ginseng and wolfberry soup, thought to help wit Silkie Chickens, Meat Chickens, Chickens Backyard, Rare Chicken Breeds, Black Burger, Black Chickens, Modern Farmer, Black Pigment, Stranger Things

What’s the Deal with Black Chickens?

We don't mean a black-feathered chicken; we mean a Silkie chicken, which is black-pigmented right down to its bones.