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Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens. - I call it "Living in the moment and enjoying life.

Never stop loving, cause we all need love to survive in this ugly world. Love is the last Commandment Jesus left us to live by, just do it! Love destroys hate!

Love doesn't hurt you. A person that doesn't know how to Love Hurts you. Don't get it twisted. - Tony Gaskins ~ God is Heart

I promise, because I love you

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.I promise you this Ina. Do you promise me?~~~Of course I promise! Always and forever!


"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together" Want that quote as a tattoo! Words to live by.

Just to love and be loved in return.. Yes, this is what i want ..

I want a steady hand. A kind soul. To fall asleep, and wake, knowing my heart is safe. I want to love, and be loved.----that is so well said.

A real man chooses to honor, love, respect, adore and be faithful to one woman. I need a real man!


"I am not looking for the kind of love that forces me to prove my worth." Baby we were golden But you chose silver When I asked for your patience

Daily Quote

I would like to send this to several people, and for one person in particular, I& like to stick it up her ass. And, back to my loving place.