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Tedre van Wyk
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May 26, 2014 - His Name is Otis - Rhodesian Ridgeback  2104©Barbara O'Brien Photography

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A territorial dog can cause problems, specifically in a multiple dog household. Take control, by making use of basic obedience training to control dog behavior.

5 Fun Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

Need Fido to chill out a bit so you can relax? You know what they say, a tired dog is a good dog! Check out 5 ways to tire out your dog!

How to Train a Rhodesian Ridgeback

How to train a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy to be a fun and obedient pet.

How to Train A Dog to Be Off Leash - ThatMutt.com

How to train a dog to be off leash. Tips include starting in a small, controlled area and dropping the leash so the dog drags the leash for several training sessions.

Training Rhodesian Ridgebacks on eXpresso - YouTube

Training Rhodesian Ridgebacks on eXpresso - YouTube

Rhodesian Ridgeback

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