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Hmmm sounds about right lol

Say Hello to the Supernatural Fandom. It's on my list of fandoms to become addicted to. Just as soon as I finish with Doctor Who and Firefly.//Might watch Firefly as soon as I have finished doctor who, merlin and supernatural (and GoT)

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I would take one class each from the SuperWhoLock majors(Myths, Observing, Biology) as well as some from Fangirl and HP, but definitely major in Avengers. Also totally taking half a year of gym and swimming each, with yoga all year long.

Why I love Percy jackson

Why I love Percy Jackson and this is only the first book< ikr! The chapter names are the best omg I love them>>>> ok, Ummm. I'd no-one gonna address the fact that chapter 13 is "I Plunge to My Death" ?