Fifth Grade Language Arts

This board is filled with 5th-grade language arts ideas, activities, centers, lessons, resources, bulletin boards, and more. Find reading activities, writing…
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a bulletin board with some pictures on it and text overlaying the words,'10
5th Grade Grammar Bulletin Board Ideas
Looking for some inspiration for your classroom bulletin boards this year? 👀 Check out our top 10 ELA bulletin board ideas 📌 that will brighten up your classroom, make reading and grammar more fun, and support your teaching in upper elementary.
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Noun Activities Grade 5
Even 5th grade students sometimes struggle with locating and identifying nouns in sentences and let’s face it. Creating a nouns lesson that is engaging and interesting for students can be difficult! Read to find 5 great ideas for teaching nouns in your upper elementary classroom.
an apple and two squares with the words, parts of speech coloring pages that students will love
Color by Code Parts of Speech
Help your students identify the parts of speech with fun color-by-code quilt pieces! Not only are these grammar activities easy to use, but they are fun for your students too! Check out this blog post with parts of speech activities that your students will love!
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Teaching Adverbs 4th Grade
Find 3 benefits for teaching adverbs in your upper elementary grammar instruction. Teaching adverbs can play an important role in enhancing both written and spoken expression. Let’s look at three key benefits and advantages of incorporating adverbs instruction into upper elementary language lessons.
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Dependent and Independent Clauses Activities
Discover the ultimate guide to teaching dependent and independent clauses through engaging activities, fun worksheets, and eye-catching anchor charts. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this blog post will equip you with the essential tools to help your students understand and differentiate between dependent and independent clauses. Click here to learn more and enhance your grammar instruction today!"
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Teaching Grammar Activities Ideas
Teaching grammar in upper elementary doesn't have to be boring or difficult. Find 10 fun ideas for teaching grammar in your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom.
Subjects and Predicates
four different posters with words and pictures on them, including the text 6 fun grammar posters activities
Grammar Posters Activities for 5th Grade
Grammar posters make great bulletin boards and wall displays for your language arts classroom, but can they be used in other ways? Find fun ideas and activities for using these grammar…
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words back to school reading
Headers for Google Classroom: Back to School Theme
Have fun with your Google Classroom with these motivating and engaging back-to-school-themed headers. Your students will love seeing the different designs. Use for reading, math, language arts, or any subject.