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This board is about creative ideas and activities for back-to-school classroom activities. Discover ideas and tips for the first day of school for your upper elementary classroom. Bulletin boards, activities, themes, decorations, all about me activities, first day of school activities, and more!
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cupcake themed classroom decor with text overlay
Unique Classroom Themes Elementary
Are you looking for a unique and fun classroom theme? This fun cupcake themed classroom decor will help you create a fun, yet relaxing atmosphere this year.
a yellow back pack with pencils and pens in it that says, 12 tips to start the school year off strong
Back-to-School Teacher Tips
Every teacher wants to start the school year off strong. Find 12 great tips for having an amazing start to your new school year. Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned teacher, find tips that will help you get this school year started off right.
bee themed classroom decoration ideas with text overlaying the image and below it is an image of bees
Bee Theme Classroom Decoration Ideas
Build-a-Hive with these creative bee themed classroom ideas. Transform your learning environment into a buzzing hive of productivity with these adorable and inspiring bee themed classroom decor ideas. Create a welcoming classroom with these colorful and great ideas!
back to school activity book with pencils and markers
First Day of School Activities 4th Grade Getting to Know
All About Me Posters make a great activity for the first day of school. Get to know your students and help your students get to know one another with this fun set of posters. Materials included to create a booklet or a banner!
two owl about me books with crayons and pencils on the table in the background
5 Ways to Use All About Me Posters for Back to School
Find 5 creative and fun ways to use All About Me Posters on the first day of school! Are you looking for some new and fresh ways to change up your first day of school activities? Then check out these 5 ideas!
Bright Classroom Decor
Use these motivational posters with your bright classroom decor.
a glass jar filled with markers and pencils next to a potted plant
Classroom Decor Themes Farmhouse
Find inspiration for your classroom decorations with these simple and beautiful decor ideas. A farmhouse theme classroom can create a warm and welcoming classroom space this year for your students.
the back to school interactive with google slides for digital and printable activities, including an interactive
Grammar Fun Packet Digital
This digital set of Google Slides™ activities is great for your busy back to school needs. It is an easy, little prep packet. Simply choose the slide or slides you want your students to complete and assign digitally through your online platform. Your students will love reviewing grammar skills with these fun and engaging pages. This packet is filled with puzzles, word search, crossword puzzle, mystery picture, coloring pages, and more!
the cover of favorite fall books for upper elementary students with autumn leaves and pumpkins
Fall Picture Books for Upper Elementary
Find 5 wonderful fall picture books for your upper elmentary classroom. These picture books are great for mentor texts, teaching reading skills, language skills, figurative language, and more…
an important classroom routine and procedure checklist for teachers to use in their homeschool
Classroom Routines and Procedures Checklist for Elementary
Establishing classroom routines and procedures is so important that first week of school in order to set clear classroom expectations. Find a great checklist to help you remember all of the…
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words welcome back to school
Back to School Headers for Google Classroom
Create a welcoming space within your Google Classroom with these motivating and engaging back-to-school-themed headers. Your students will love seeing the different designs. Why not make your headers fun?
back to school activities for kids with the text back to school activities super hero theme
Superhero Classroom Ideas and Activities
Find 7 fun superhero classroom ideas and activities that are perfect for back to school. If you have a superhero classroom theme, then these ideas are perfect! Your students will love these fun and engaging acitivities for the first day or first week of school!