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a person on the ground with their feet in the air while another person is standing near by
B Boy on Broadway & 96th St. (Photo by Henry Chalfant)
B-boys showing us what hip-hop culture really meant in the 80's Retro, Hip Hop Dance, 90s Fashion, Dance Music, Dance, Hipster Outfits, 80s Hip Hop
35 Rare Historical Photos You HAVE To See, But #17 Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine.
B-boys showing us what hip-hop culture really meant in the 80's
two young men are playing frisbee in front of graffiti
Break Dance - Electric Boogie
an old photo of a woman holding a frisbee in her right hand while standing on the floor
How Cool is This!!! ~ CARMEN AMAYA.- (Follow the boys). Pelicula en blanco y negro, del director Edward Sutherland, estrenada en Hollywood en 1944 y producida por Universal Studios, con la colaboración de Orson Welles y Marlene Dietrich, conocida en España como SUEÑOS DE GLORIA y en la que la gran CARMEN AMAYA dió a conocer internacionalmente su arte flamenco.
an old photo of a man in the air
CARMEN AMAYA. "Follow the Boys" is a 1944 musical film made by Universal Pictures during World War II with an all-star cast (including Carmen Amaya, Orson Wells, Marlene Dietrich) as a morale booster to entertain the troops abroad and the civilians at home. Directed by Edward Sutherland.
three people are doing tricks on the floor in front of a white wall and one person is jumping
Mr Gaga, sur les pas d’Ohad Naharin
L’histoire fascinante d'Ohad Naharin, célèbre chorégraphe de la Batsheva Dance Company, dont les performances dégagent une puissance et une beauté inégalées. Le film nous dévoile le processus créatif d'un chef de file incontesté de la danse contempor...
two women are dancing on the floor in front of an object that is upside down
Tanztheater Wuppertal - Pina Bausch - Pieces - Masurca Fogo
a black and white photo of a woman jumping in the air
Dancing is poetry with arms and legs
Mary Wigman, 1912, photo by Hugo Erfurth.. Jumping for Joy?
a woman is jumping in the air with her legs spread out and one leg bent
Charlotte Rudolph – 1925 (subject: Greta Palucca)
a person jumping up in the air on a skateboard with their arms spread out
© CHARLOTTE RUDOLPH - Gret Palucca, 1924.
a black and white photo of a woman dancing
three young children are playing soccer on the sidewalk in front of a wall and building
calming calamity
calming calamity
a man in white shirt and black pants doing a trick on skateboard near building
Arts in Motion: Freeze-Frame Photos to Kinetic Sculpture - WebUrbanist
Incredible Art in Motion: From Freeze Frame Urban Photography to Kinetic Sculpture
a person standing in the rain with their feet up and water splashing on them
Start A Fire
I like this picture of movement because the subject is still focused and the water adds complexity to the picture