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Two different ways to swim freestyle...which one are you?
Have you ever experimented with your freestyle stroke? 👀⁠ ⁠ You might see sprinters throw down a 50 with straight arm recovery, but it puts a lot of strain on your shoulders! High elbow recovery is more popular and typically best for beginners and those that swim more distance. Which one looks like you?
Do You Want to Swim Faster, Better, Smoother?
If you want to have a beautiful freestyle technique, you just need a clean hand entry
Swimming by SN'T | Tutorials, Shop, Coaching, Workouts & Tips
Una de las diferencias entre mantener un estilo con buena velocidad durante más tiempo y cansarse muy rápido y tener que reducir la velocidad es un buen ritmo. Practicarlo no sólo te ayudará a tener un estilo más eficiente, sino que también podrás llevar tu técnica al siguiente nivel.
the swim workout for olympic distance triathlons is shown in red and white text
5 Awesome Swim Workouts for Triathletes - Snacking in Sneakers
a table with the numbers and times for each swimmer in the water, including two men's swimsuits
Ladder swim
a swimming pool with the words 5 hit swim workouts to help you swim faster
5 HIIT Swim Workouts To Help You Swim Faster
a poster with the words lap swim on it and different colors in circles around them
the 5 tips for a faster butterfly info sheet on how to keep your body healthy
The Butterfly Stroke: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
a woman swimming in the pool with her measurements
Thousands Of Workouts, Stream Video Anywhere | Daily Burn
a poster with instructions on how to swim in the water and what to use it
How to Read a Swim Workout - Elite Sports Clubs
a woman in a black swimsuit standing on the edge of a swimming pool with text overlay reading 30 - minute cardio swim workout
Jump in the Pool and Build Strength and Endurance With This Beginner's Swim Workout
Jump in the Pool and Build Strength and Endurance With This Beginner’s Swim Workout
the water workout chart is shown in blue and white
a poster with the instructions for swimming and how to use it in order to keep fit