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Malva Pudding: A baked pudding almost like a sticky toffee pudding. This is at the top of my South African recipes to try.

South African malva pudding with easy frozen custard - Simply Delicious

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60 minutes

South African Malva pudding is rich, syrupy and absolutely delicious served with quick and easy frozen custard. The ultimate dessert.

Cheese scones. A typical South African recipe that works.. Kla!

Cheese-scones SA Recipes | Old Style Recipes Cheese-scones

Favourite South African Recipes :: Cheese-scones

Die lekkerste hoenderpasteie | SARIE | Chicken pies

Die lekkerste hoenderpasteie

Om inviduele hoenderpasteie te maak is ’n plesier vir die mense wat dit eet. (Ek gebruik die groot muffinpanne en dié hoeveelheid is genoeg vir 10 pasteie.) Jy kan ook een groot pastei maak, maar sit dan die deeg net boop en nie onderin die pan nie.

Pancakes (crêpes) with cinnamon sugar. A South-African favourite. #recipe #food

Pancakes (crêpes) with Cinnamon Sugar - Simply Delicious

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A South-African favourite, Pancakes (crepes) with cinnamon-sugar. The ultimate comfort food.

"Growing up in South Africa, the one cookie-tin constant that every child will remember is crunchies. They were usually one of the first things that your mom let you bake and kept forever in an airtight container, so we all grew up on crunchies. To me, they were distressingly unglamorous....but they certainly were a stalwart of every cookie tin that I remember growing up." Make your own South African "Crunchies" today!

The South African Cookie

Crunchies are something a lot of South Africans grew up with, like Hershey’s Kisses in North America, or hot, roasted chestnuts in Europe. Yet, I never ever thought that they were in fact a p…

Low-Carb Double-Bacon Cheese Herb Mini Quiches | Scrumptious South Africa

Low-Carb Double-Bacon Cheese & Herb Mini Quiches

I have called these cheesy puffs 'Double-Bacon' quiches because they contain two doses of what is arguably the world's most delicious ingred...

Easy Sweetcorn Fritters Recipe | Traditional South African Dish | Just Easy Recipes

Sweetcorn Fritters - Just Easy Recipes

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25 minutes

Sweetcorn fritters are delicious as a side dish or a snack, and a firm favourite among both kids and adults. Follow this easy step-by-step recipe to make golden and crispy sweetcorn fritters in no time at all. Sweetcorn Fritters Author: Louise Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 15 mins Total time: 25 mins Serves:...Read More

These South African Doughnuts are too die for. Fluffy, Spicy, Sweet and they melt in mouth. Easy to make with step-by step pictorial

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Peppermint Crisp Tart: another version of South Africa's favourite fridge tart, from Pick n Pay

Cooking & Baking Recipes | Pick n Pay Online Shopping

Peppermint Crisp Tart: another version of South Africa's favourite fridge tart, from Pick n Pay