Taryn Davies
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Candy cane marshmallows for hot cocoa. Stick a vegan candy cane into large vegan marshmallow. Dip marshmallow in melted chocolate. Roll into crushed vegan candy cane. Place on a waxed paper lined baking sheet and allow to set.

Halloween treats

Rice Krispie Pumpkins for Trunk or Treat. Make regular rice krispies and add red and yellow food coloring for orange. Form into balls, add a tootsie roll for a stem and pipe green icing on for leaves. So cute!

37 Simple Craft Ideas for Halloween Decorations - Snappy Pixels

DIY Halloween decor ideas :: Use a white stocking with stuffing inside and add more spiders to the bottom then around. You could also put a glow stick in a water balloon and have it look like they're surrounding a glowing egg sack.

halloween diy idea -- relatively cheap but could be great to do yourself.  get a table runner or a inexpensive door mat and some paint to do yourself.  another pinner suggested having the footsteps staggering from the house which would be hilarious

A trail of bloody footprints always means trouble. Roll out the red carpet with a Bloody Footprints Runner and give your visitors the fright of their life.