Tarryn Willemse

Tarryn Willemse

Tarryn Willemse
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"What Are We Doing Today?" from Rochel Koval on TeachersNotebook.com -  (12 pages)  - Colorful and cute schedule signs for the classroom.

Schedule signs "What are we doing today?" is a very popular question that arises in classrooms. This pack contains 20 schedule signs to use when going over your day with your students.

Word Wall Cards (Editable Bright Polka Dot) from Fun Times in First on TeachersNotebook.com -  (61 pages)  - Editable word wall cards to brighten up your classroom word wall!

The world's first and largest educational marketplace with more than two million original teacher-created resources available for use today.

Shapes Clip Art from Dancing_Crayon_Designs on TeachersNotebook.com -  (126 pages)  - Funny face shape clip art - will bring a smile to your child's face!

Funny Face Geometric Shapes Bring some goofy fun to your classroom and TpT products with these funny face clip art shapes. Featuring vibrant colors and a fun sticker style effect that kids will love.

The First Grade Parade: Odd Todd & Even Steven

This is a super cute and hands-on lesson to teach even and odd numbers using Even Steven and Odd Todd. I might even give Even Steven an even number of fingers and Odd Todd an odd number of fingers.