500x700mm Stellar Illuminated Infinity Mirror [PT-MC131] - £179.99 : Platinum Taps & Bathrooms

Stellar Illuminated Infinity Mirror 1 Year Warranty The tinted glass and effect of never ending light make the mirror a decorative must have for a modern bathroom.

700x500mm Quaser Illuminated LED Mirror [PT-ML2111] - £219.99 : Platinum Taps & Bathrooms

Quaser Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror 1 Year Warranty Energy efficient LED lighting with rating Sensor controlled with demister pad to ensure the mirror remains steam free Vertical & Horizontal fitting options Includes: Mirror,

500x500mm Orb LED Mirror - Battery Operated [PT-MC144] - £109.99 : Platinum Taps & Bathrooms

Orb LED Mirror - Battery Operated 1 Year Warranty is included free with your purchase Energy saving controlled On / Off switch Convenient Battery Operated LED - no wiring necessary, without compromising on flattering illumination Contempo

390x500mm Galactic LED Mirror - Battery Operated [PT-MC145] - £99.99 : Platinum Taps & Bathrooms

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