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a person is working on a mosaic tile design
Shangeri La jade marble with thassos flower mosaic tile. Try a fresher design to bring a new experience to your… | Instagram
a woman standing in a bathroom under a white ceiling with stars painted on the ceiling
Shimmery Metallic Wall Murals with DIY Wall Stencils & Metallic Wall Paint
This blog post is full of great DIY ideas on decorating with metallic decor. Wall stencils from Royal Design Studio and their metallic paints are perfect for painting wall art with shimmer and shine. Save this pin for easy wall design ideas and tips for your next room makeover!
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall next to a large window
Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa
🌿✨Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa combines the elements of Zen and lotus leaf in a unique design. It brings a sense of peace and harmony, as if sitting by a tranquil lotus pond. The lotus leaf-shaped armrests and backrest evoke the fresh fragrance of lotus. Whether placed in the living room or study, it adds a touch of tranquility and beauty to the space. Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa fills our lives with Zen and beauty. 🌿✨
a car driving past a giant pink curtain on the side of a building
Andrés Reisinger's Take Over is a body of work for an age where the boundaries of reality are becoming increasingly blurred...
a room with pink curtains and wooden tables in it, along with bookshelves
Blush Elegance: Add a Delicate Touch to Your Space with Pink Sheer Curtains!
Elevate your windows with our exquisite pink sheer curtains! 💖✨ Add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room with these light-filtering beauties. Perfect for creating a soft, dreamy ambiance while maintaining privacy. Explore our collection and bring a pop of color to your home decor today! #PinkCurtains #SheerCurtains #HomeDecor #WindowTreatments #ElegantLiving
a living room filled with lots of pink furniture
35 Mind-blowing Whimsical Décor Ideas You Need To See - Porched Living
35 Mind-blowing Whimsical Décor Ideas You Need To See - Porched Living
the curtains are pulled back from the ceiling in front of the mirror, and there is a shelf with vases on it