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Fairy Door Project, available in my Etsy shop. This is a mini one and creates a perfect fairy garden
Difficulty: Medium Fairy door from • Miniature broom • Moss • Handmade doormat • Miniature dolls house light
a small figurine sitting on top of a moss covered tree
acorn art – creativeartworksblog
a statue of an insect on top of a piece of wood with moss growing around it
Store 1 — Chicory Dell Arts
Store 1 — Chicory Dell Arts
several small metal cages are hanging on a wooden wall, with branches and twigs in the background
Mangeoires, nichoirs et lanternes
Lanterns Feeders
Diy little birdhouse ornaments. Loved recycling wine corks into these adorable decorations.
Difficulty: Medium Materials • Corks • Acorn caps • Mini pinecones • Moss • Sturdy wire • Tiny twigs • Hot glue/gun