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I see a lot of "almost" bookshelves. They hold books and look "design-y" but they waste energy and space. If you are really into books, it's not about the cute shelves. It's about the books. Make that space hold as many as it can.

tetris shelves and modular bookcase systems

Awesome Tetris Game Shelves Design that would help gamers become more organized in their room by bringing Tetris furniture inside.

Human Resources - Oracle

This is what a typical vs ideal day in the life of an HR Manager looks like. We can clearly see the difference between the two and what it takes to resolve all the chaos and take control.

Businesses need to rapidly move to develop a #mobile #strategy and explore how their market and #business will be affected by the changes in mobile

How the growth of Mobile is driving Cloud Computing. A Mobile storm in the Cloud [Infographic]