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Photo of frozen McRib goes viral and McDonald's isn't lovin' it: Does it dampen your appetite? Fast Foods, Fast Food Chains, Perfect Sense, Food Facts, Mcdonalds, In This World, Cravings, At Least, Frozen

These Disturbing Fast Food Truths Will Make You Reconsider Your Lunch

What's a McDonald's burger look like after it's been in someone's pocket or 14 years? You'd be surprised.

BN AMA Energy Drink copy Under 18 Energy Drink Ban Gets AMA Support. Had a bad experience with an energy drink? Lawsuits are starting to grow. Effects Of Energy Drinks, American Medical Association, The Marketing, Health Matters, Basketball, Sayings, Blog, Netball, Lyrics Legal Blog

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A study shows that students get their sugar fix from sodas despite bans on the drinks at schools. Dealing With Stress, School Lunch, Infographics, Schools, Students, Study, Exercise, Learning, Drinks

Students Love Sweet Soda (Infographic)

A study shows that students get their sugar fix from sodas despite bans on the drinks at schools.

- Monster Energy Drink, Assault, Cans (Pack of (Grocery)

Monster energy drink - the FDA has proved that these drinks are to high in Vitamin B and might prove toxic to it's drinkers, mainly teenagers and kids. Some schools have even banned these energy drinks (like mine.) So beware kids, not everything that has vitamins is good for you and is considered a junk food.

Energy Drinks: I Love Them but Please Ban Them Disney Family, Energy Drinks, Family Meals, Activities, My Love, Crafts, My Boo, Manualidades, Handmade Crafts

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funny food photos - I Love You, Sugar! I think this is what my friends think of my soda addiction!

Ban on Sale of Large Sweetened Drinks in NYC Is First in U.S.

The New York City Board of Health has approved a ban on the sale of sweetened drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters.

The American Medical Association said it would support a ban on the marketing of energy drinks to children under because the high-caffeine beverages could cause heart problems and other health issues.

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