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Amarula Cured Ostrich Carpaccio

My Amarula Cured Ostrich Carpaccio was served on a bed of fennel with an Amarula and mushroom ice cream. I thought this was a great way to use the Amarula.

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Tempura Pilchards Served With Cabbage Parcels

This recipe for tempura pilchards will make you think of tinned fish in a completely new way. It is a great way to brighten up a dish and the batter is nice and crispy.

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Pickled Plums

Honey Parfait With Pickled Plums

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Cocoa Dusted Amaretti biscuits

Moroccan Chicken

I use my tagine at least once a week, and this Moroccan chicken recipe is a perfect example of how great the tagine cooks.

Chicken Stuffed with Feta, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Coriander, Wrapped in Bacon

Today I have a recipe for Chicken Stuffed With Feta, Sun Dried Tomatoes And Coriander, Wrapped In Bacon. This results in a moist chicken breast.

Orange Marinated Duck Breasts

This recipe for Orange Marinated Duck Breasts was adapted from the Food & Home Entertaining magazine, July 2005 edition, page

Sous Vide Crayfish Tails

Sous Vide Crayfish Tails is in my opinion one of the nicest ways to cook lobster if you are not going to grill them over an open fire.